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Building Area: 40,000 SF
Project Type: Mixed Use Commercial
Status: Under Construction

Narjas began with a mixed use program aimed primarily at restaurant spaces, combined with a site at the busy intersection of two busy arterial streets in Riyadh. From there evolved CCS’ most architecturally ambitious project to date in the region, with a floating third story glass ‘bridge’ hovering above a 11,000 SF system of roof terraces. Accessible from both a central stair/elevator core as well as a monumental stair to the street, the roof terraces are designed to both serve the tenant spaces above and also extend the food and beverage program of ground floor tenants. The multi-story, indoor-outdoor program is designed to create a major public gathering space with sufficient separation from the busy street below, while integrating drive-through access and double-height storefronts to draw the public in.