SulaymaniyahSulaymaniyah home design


Building Area: 15,000 SF
Project Type: Restaurant
Status: Completion Anticipated in 2018

Sulaymaniyah began design in May 2016, a 15,000 SF program dedicated to serve beverages, coffee, and light meals. CCS Architecture’s challenge when space planning lied upon the understanding of cultural constraints in Saudi Arabia, where single customers and married couples or families should be separated.

CCS created two “wings” where both groups of customers can comfortably enjoy their time while withstanding disobeying their cultural customs, the (north)west wing is dedicated to families and the (south)east wing is spaces for single men. The connection between the two wings on the ground floor is not pass-able and is where the ordering counter is built in place. Roof terrace on third floor is used by men while the enclosed space on the same level can be shared by families.

Sulaymaniyah was designed based on the city’s zoning codes and the need to provide interest and sense of place. Elevating the building to two levels above ground provides abundant amount of space for all groups and exciting little moments.

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